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Hi, I'm Brad, a small business marketing & growth consultant.

With over a decade of experience in multiple industries, I bring a broad range of expertise to my clients.

Most weeks I’m busy helping clients improve their marketing strategy, running paid ads (Google, Meta, Microsoft), setting up conversion tracking (Google Tag Manager, integrations, etc.), helping clients better utilize their data (GA4, Looker Studio, etc.), improving conversion rates and costs (CRO), designing & improving WordPress websites, improving local SEO (GBP, reviews, etc.), creating content to use online, managing socials, and more.

I have extensive experience with WordPress, Elementor, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Looker Studio, Google Business Profile, Meta Business Suite, Facebook Ads Manager, Circle.so, Square, Mailchimp, Canva and many more!

I offer a free consult to see if we are a good fit. My goal is always to provide as much value as I can. If I can’t help you personally, chances are I know someone who can and I’ll introduce you.



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I took over the management of a Google Ads account for a prominent home remodeling business, with a focus on maximizing their budget and enhancing their digital advertising strategy. My primary goal with all clients is to improve ad budget productivity by improving conversion rates and costs while ensuring sustainable growth through strategic, data-driven decision-making.



The client wanted to improve results from their Google Ads campaigns and bring in an expert for a recommendations and management. Despite a substantial daily budget, the campaigns were not delivering the level of quality leads desired. The client needed a more efficient use of their budget, targeting higher-quality clicks and users while reducing the incidence of spam and irrelevant leads.




My strategy was comprehensive, focusing on several key areas:

  1. Budget Reallocation: Redirecting funds to high-performing keywords, ads, and audience segments.
  2. Performance Analysis: Continuously analyzing campaign performance to make real-time, data-driven adjustments.
  3. Keyword Refinement: Sharpening the keyword strategy for better results.
  4. Ad and Landing Page Optimization: Enhancing ad copies and landing pages to improve engagement and conversion rates.
  5. Bid Adjustments: Fine-tuning bids based on device performance, location, ad schedule, and audience data.



The all-account performance improvements were significant. I took over the account on April 1st. The data below was gathered comparing the performance from April 1st – November 22 to the previous period August 8th – March 31st. A period of approx. 7 months. I continue to manage this clients ad account and we continue to see consistent results even as we increase the budget.


Conversions = lead form submissions and phone calls


  1. Conversion Rate Improvement: The account’s overall conversion rate increased from 6.09% to 10.05%, indicating a more efficient targeting strategy and higher engagement levels across all campaigns.
  2. Cost Per Conversion Reduction: We reduced the cost per conversion from $98.33 to $52.07. This represents a decrease of approximately 47.05%, cutting conversions costs close to half, substantially increasing the return on investment for each conversion.
  3. Increase in Total Conversions: The total conversions saw a massive jump, increasing by 163.32% from 373.50 to 983.50 conversions. This demonstrates the effectiveness of our optimizations in driving real results.

These results reflect a comprehensive improvement in the account’s performance, driven by targeted optimizations and data-driven decision-making. The increased conversion rate and reduced cost per conversion, coupled with a significant rise in total conversions, underscore the effectiveness of my approach in enhancing the overall Google Ads strategy and performance. These results demonstrate not just quick wins but also the long term strategy and deep care I have for each of my clients.

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