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Let’s create a custom system that attracts prospects and converts them into customers. 

Content Marketing Creation

Do you need help creating content that promotes your business? Landing pages, email marketing, blog posts, flyers, ad copy, photos, etc.

Social Media Management

Get your social media accounts set up and designed to expand your reach and trust online. 

Pay Per Click Advertisement

Launch strategic online ad campaigns that bring you more leads and customers. Facebook, Google, and more.

Graphic Design & Branding

From logos, ads, banners, and other digital designs to business cards, flyers, posters, mailers and other printable designs.

Custom Websites

Let’s build or redesign your website! WordPress built, mobile-friendly, fast, and responsive. Focused on conversions, performance, and SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Through fine tuning your search engine strategy we can drive more organic traffic to your website or blog from Google and other platforms.

Website Analytics

Let’s make sure your Google Analytics, Search Console, Google My Business, and other web tools are set up to bring you valuable insights about your customers.

Business Audit

Want me to peak over your shoulder to see what you are currently doing to grow your business and give you feedback related to marketing, website, and overall business development strategy?

Software, Workflow, Systems, and Process Improvement

Let’s find and set up tools to meet your needs. CRM’s, project and task management, digital asset organization, productivity tools, spreadsheets, data entry, and more.

Virtual Assistance

I can help you streamline the parts of your business that bring you less joy so that you can focus on the areas that energize you and move your business forward.

"Brad was essential to the creation of the online store for my small floral business. He was skilled, knowledgeable and patient as he worked through my plethora of questions and technical sticky points. I scheduled a big online store launch day; he set up and streamlined my store well in advance of my deadline. Not only was he understanding and helpful with technology and business marketing questions, but he communicated succinctly and thoroughly. I couldn't have achieved these goals without Brad and I deeply appreciate his experience and professionalism."

- Janie | small business owner
"After a couple of years of stagnation and status quo results with my home business, Brad was able to come in and quickly identify a couple of key areas that needed addressed to help get it moving forward again. He gave me the tools, training and confidence that I needed to take it to the next level. He also showed me how to manage my new website and keep it up to date without the expense of hiring someone else to do it. Brad was professional, patient and kind, offering solid business advice that is paying off as I anticipate that 2021 will be a record breaking year for revenue! If you need to get your small business moving forward again toward profitability, I highly recommend Brad!"

- Larry | small business owner
"Brad is tireless and dedicated. He provides solid results. He is great to work with and will provide objective feedback and counsel. He will be a welcome addition to any team."

- Ethan | real estate investor
"Brad is always very timely at getting back with me regarding any concerns I have with my business and websites. He is able to zone in on what needs to be the next priority to really get you in the right direction. I have worked with Brad for years and he has always pulled through!"

- Mike | small business owner
"Brad has a broad range of talent and experience in the business development space, which along with his efficiency makes him a pleasure to work with."

- Robb | entrepreneur
"Brad is vital to our small business’ success. He understands that it takes getting your hands dirty to truly understand and improve an organization and invests himself "on the ground" in order to create meaningful change. At the same time, he keeps on top of best practices in the industry and isn’t afraid to advocate for new, yet sound, innovations. He also has an exceptional emotional intelligence which is reflected in his professional and "high touch" approach to the people he works with. I've been alongside of him in the thick of organizational conflict and change and can attest to the fact that he is an invaluable asset in the thick of it. I highly recommend Brad for anyone looking to either launch a small business or find new ways to increase organizational efficiency and performance!"

- Ryan | small business owner
"Brad is very insightful about the needs of your business. He is a pleasure to work with, has an agreeable personality, and open to discussions. He keeps up on the constant changes which is a relief to those not as tech-savvy."

- Tracy | real estate professional
"When I realized it was time to create a real marketing plan, I turned to Brad Burk. Brad understands the wide variety of marketing options available and helped me narrow down my options to get results without using up my time and budget."

- David | small business accountant